Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Latest Kwiz

Okay, I have a really good one. Go to the previous post and look at the picture that has the line "A game at Fenway Park is a real outing" beneath it. Tell me which inning of which game that moment is from.

Here's what makes this question a lil' weird. The play-by-play of the game on retrosheet (and therefore Baseball Reference) has a serious error at that moment. So you have to tell me what really happened, not what they say happened. (I will e-mail retrosheet to notify them after this Kwiz is solved--I also wonder, since BR took all their boxscores and play-by-plays from retrosheet, what happens when Retrosheet makes a correction to their data--does BR's version just stay incorrect?)

May 19th, bottom of the 5th
You didn't give a year, but it's not May 19th.
May 20th, 1975 vs. Oakland, bottom of the 5th
Nope. Also, two guesses in a row?
Well, you haven't provided the ground rules yet for this season, so I gave it a shot.
Good point.
Sunday October 5, 1975 bottom of the sixth.
Nope. But also, y'all are supposed to be what really happened on the play.
This is crazy difficult. In order to force myself to stop trying to figure it out, I'll guess that it's from Aug 30th, 1975 in the 4th inning. Retrosheet says that Fred Lynn tripped rounding 2nd and was tagged at 3rd. I'll say that maybe they mixed up the whole tripping and then getting tagged at 3rd thing with Cecil Cooper who tripped coming around 2B and was out several days earlier -- and that this is Lynn about to get tagged at home instead of 3B. He's trying to score from Rice's single.
Haha--I appreciate the effort, but no.

And with that, I think I'm just gonna give the answer.

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