Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Notes From The Road. Made By Others.

The Red Sox Road Trip began today...and I was at work. But I know people. Meaning I know my girlfriend and my mom. Kim went to Warwick for the first stop. She got there at 8:30. It was supposed to start at 9:00. She said she didn't get out of there until 10:30, because they were late! It was the first stop on the tour! Terrible job. But she got her voucher along with some other stuff. Nice job, Kim. We're now even for the wrap at Cuban Revolution Olneyville and the eggplant parm sandwich at that place that wouldn't take your ATM card.

Then the tour moved to Milford, CT, where my mom was waiting for them. Unlike Kim, my mom had to wait in the cold. And since they were late getting to Warwick, they were late getting to Milford. This time, though, because of the extra wait, they gave everybody two vouchers. Good job, mom. So we'll get six extra summer Sox tickets in 2010. (Unless I go to Vermont or Maine this weekend. Not bloody likely.)

See if your town is next.

Do you think Wally rides in costume? Or does the guy take off the suit and toss it in the trunk at the first rest stop?

On Jeopardy! tonight, there was a contestant named "Bern," short for Bernadette. Her little story was that her parents almost named her after a Red Sox pitcher of the time. Roger? No. Bruce? No. Oil Can! She claimed she would have been "Oil Can" if male or "Oilette" if female. Terribly, the parents backed out at the last second. Granted, Oilette is a ridiculous goddamn name, but to be able to say you were named after Oil Can Boyd? Worth it!

Guess what arrived today? A certain box full of cardboard squares possibly containing some profanity that could be yours! Enter now.

Thanks for the tip on this one! I went down there not knowing what to expect, and fairly late, but there was no line or anything, and few enough people around that I got a Colbert-style picture with Wally and the trophies! Plus, it was late enough that they gave us each *three* vouchers.
Wow, last year they spoke of a limited number of vouchers in each state. This year they didn't do that (I don't think) and they gave ending times, implying you could come anytime during the event and get a voucher. SO they must be giving out a lot more, as evidenced by that stuff and EVERYONE getting 2 at one place and you getting 3 at another, on day one.

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