Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Had two entries in the Xmas @ Fenway lottery (RSN and reg.), and one in the Yard Sale lottery. I went 0 for 3! Anybody have any luck?

Sounds like Lowell has been traded to Texas for a new young catcher, Max Ramirez. So I guess they're either going to sign Beltre, or make a deal for a first baseman and move Youk.
0-3 here too, only got confirmation on 2.
I got 2 denials right away, and the third much later for the Yard Sale.

Last year they opened up the Yard Sale to more people on the Monday, which is how I got in. We'll see if they do that again...but I couldn't do it Monday I don't think....
0-3 here too. :(

But this time I'm already planning to take Monday off from work, just in case there's a part 2. I missed it last year because I didn't see the email until it was already over, and it bothered me all year. I want my brick, dammit!

Meanwhile, I'm still mad that I don't know the dates for my 10th Man Plan yet. How am I supposed to try for games on Saturday if I don't know what I already have? '04 and '07 were the only other years they hadn't sent out the renewals before Christmas and Fenway, and I had to call and ask them. But I spent all day at work today getting busy signals, which just leaves me with tomorrow to try to get through. Anyone know what the games are for Plan Z (Wed/Thur/Sun)?
I complained about exactly what you said in 2007. It's really not fair--we're the only ones who get screwed in this situation.

Even in our accounts on, it says there's nothing in our "to do" lists. I guess only "real" season ticket holders can renew. And since they're hyping the fact that you can pay by credit card, I'm wondering if that means us too now--in the past we had to pay by check or e-check, right?
Got through to the ticket office today and they gave me my games, so I'm good now. At least when I asked, the guy was like, "Sure, got a pen?" as opposed to '07 when I got a guy who argued with me on why I would care: "If you know your plan is Wed/Thur/Sun, just get Saturdays" - but no, I want to spread them out, not go 2 days in a row and then have nothing for 3 weeks. These things are expensive - I should get to choose what I want. Scalpers don't have this problem, but for people who are actually going to go to all the games they buy, it matters!

(Also, terrible job by them for not having the game times listed yet. I know ESPN and FOX haven't picked their games yet, but I know going in that I'm taking my chances on Sat & Sun games. Would like to avoid "getaway day" weekday afternoon games if I could, though.)

Good luck tomorrow!

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