Friday, December 07, 2007

Out In The Cold

Tomorrow, a bunch of Red Sox tickets go on sale. I already have 10 games, from my 10-game plan. Problem is, the team still hasn't told me (or posted on their site) which ten games I'll have. So I'm going in blind tomorrow, knowing I might buy tickets for a game I already tickets to. (Which would be okay, since I could then get three friends to go instead of one, but, I'd kind of like to choose which games I do that for. Plus, if I try to buy four together to a game, only to find out I already have two more, then I'd have to find five friends, and so on, and so on.)

Terrible job, right? People with no season-ticket plan no they've got no tickets. They can pick whatever games they want tomorrow. People who do have full or weekend season ticket plans know exactly which games they'll have, so they can plan ahead, too. But we 10-game plan holders are totally screwed. I e-mailed the ticket office this week, just to find out when we'll be hearing from them with the renewal info, and they wrote back saying "soon." As the week went on and I realized the problem I might have, I wrote them back asking to tell me what games will be in my plan or at the very least which interleague team I'll be seeing. (Because if I can't get the Opening Day Sox Pack, I'd shoot for one with an NL team NOT in my plan so I can see two NL teams.)* Still haven't heard back, with about 17 left until the sale.

Also, I've received nothing in the mail at all since the season ended just in general. After the first season of the 10-game plan, we got a DVD. In fact, it was delayed, so they gave us a Red Sox Christmas stocking while we waited. We also have traditionally gotten a "thank you" letter, and in '04, it was in 8 x 10 card form, with a picture of the trophy. This year, no thank you, no nothing, and I still don't know what games I'm going to next year. Get on it, people!

We've got a great Kwiz going! Check it out here. (There are some minor clues scattered throughout the comments.)

*"Wait, don't you hate interleague play?" Thanks for paying attention. Yes. But I'd still like to see teams I've never seen before, or teams playing at Fenway that rarely do. "So doesn't that make you a fan of interleague play?" Eh, no Peg. I do like the novelty of seeing the Cardinals at Fenway or whatever. But I feel it should be treated as a novelty. I don't want novelties counting in the standings. Have exhibition games against NL teams, minor league teams, Greek teams, whatever, and I'd have interest. But don't make them count.

I hope you know what you sound like complaining about not knowing which TEN RED SOX GAMES YOU GET TO SEE...
Like that biker said in A Bronx Tale, "my money's green." Okay, not the exact line, but the point is, I got in when the deal came out, and I'm payin' for this stuff, with money I really don't have, and I'm getting no discount on them like the other season ticket holders do.
And I heard from a full-season ticket holder that they already got their renewal form and had 15 days to send it in, so they've probably paid already, while I'm sitting here not even knowing what games I'm getting, and then they go and release tickets for sale BEFORE telling me. I think that's ridiculous. If season ticket holders are the rich and non-ST holders are the poor, we are the middle class. I guess it really is disappearing! Hello, middle class here! Anybody? Our mildly disturbing problems need solving! Who's gonna mow this modest-yet-still big-enough-for a-good-Wiffle Ball-game yard??
"Spoken like a gentleman...give 'em their [tickets]..."
In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost!!!!!
I was in at 10:20 and the best I could do for Boomer and Opening Day was the back of Section 43 - I limited my search to bleachers, but still, that's pretty crazy.
Guess I may as well give up. No luck on 2 computers and phone.
the opening day pack is sold out, i'm also still not through on 2 comps and phone,

nice job by stj
Any luck anyone? Still none here. Got to fold up the tent as my 10 month old (who I want to take to his first Sox game next year) is crying for a diaper change.
Still sittin' here, 2 hours in. I'm sure they'll do that separate sale for September single games.

They're still only showing Sox Pack 1 being sold out, no single games sold out. But that update is an hour old.
How many windows are you guys using? I use Firefox w/tabbed browsing. The trick is to look for when one of the titles of the tabs change - that way you can get around 10 tabs per window. I open about ten windows that way for a total of 100 browsers, and then line the browsers up so that I can view all of the tab titles (the tab titles are really the only thing you need to see).
I usually just do like 10 windows or so. I always feel like the whole thing's gonna blow up if I do too many, like when you're getting the "100 lives" in Mario, you don't want to keep jumping for too long or you die.

Also, I've gotten through pretty fast before with only window open. But, yeah, the more you have, the better your chances. I also feel guilty that maybe some people don't know how to open more than one, so I feel doing like 10 is the right amount, karma-wise.

Also, my Petrocelli pin was in my other pants until like 11, so that cost me, plus losing my connection for a while. I can't believe I'm still waiting....
good call on the tab theory, though. i'm so anti-tabs i don't do it that way, but almost 3 hrs in, i switched to that method
Unfortunately, I was stuck with my work computer (wife was on the Mac), so I was limited to two windows (no firefox on the work computer). I will remember this for next time though. Great tip.

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