Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kwiz Newman

What pro athlete inspired a parody of the song "Hippy Hippy Shake," which included the line "we think your headband's great"?

Jim McMahon?
Bjorn Borg
Both headband guys, both wrong.
Shouldn't it be "which pro athlete?" And somebody guess again please...
Walter Payton?
Bill Walton
Walter Payton?
John McEnroe
Former Seattle Supersonic Slick Watts
Hello? Who's running this Kwiz? Nick Smith? Anybody home?
Hmmm, famous headband athletes. Slick Watts? Bill Walton?
Probably should be "which."

No on Payton.
No on Agassi.
No on Walton.
No on McEnroe.
No on Watts.

One or more of you have the sport right. Tiny clue.
Martina Navratilova

"C'mon Chris! I've sold 13 houses already today!"
Allen Iverson

I'm pweezil and I did not approve this message.
Ben Wallace
Not Martina, who went up the center of the mountain.

Not Iverson or Wallace. Another clue is that those last two are way too recent.
By the way--though I haven't seen any evidence of anyone online knowing about this song (which is why this is a kwiz kwestion), I DO have video proof of it, and I'll put it up when this whole mess ends.
Wilt Chamberlain
Nope. Did you know he wore over 20,000 headbands?
As in Jimmy Hats? Haha.
If we're lucky.
Arthur Ashe
No, not Arthur Ashe. Though I did have a friend who, in high school, had to write a paper on a celebrity with AIDS. His sister was a year older and had the same assignment the year before. So he took her Arthur Ashe paper and changed all the Arthur Ashes to Magic Johnsons.

My profile now says I'm in "Boston, Afghanistan." What's up with Blogger these days. I'll go fix that.
Guillermo Vilas?
No Vilas. Another clue: The guy played in one of the USA's three major sports.
James Blake
Obviously you posted before I got that last clue up. The Hippy Hippy Blake? Nice try, but no.
Moses Malone
No on Moses.
I assume you're not counting hockey as a major sport? I'm gonna go with Mark Fidrych...
Oh yeah, I guess back then it was four major sports. Always been three to me. And actually now down to one. But yes, it's either baseball, basketball or football. The major leagues, too, not USFL or ABA or the Senior Baseball League or anything.

No on Fidrych.
Kurt Rambis
Nope. Now that would be hilarious. I'd love to see clips of Rambis playing/dancing to that song.
Lou Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabar

"My name's Roger Murdoch...I'm an airline pilot..."
No. But tell your ol' man to try draggin' Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.
Barry Sanders
No Barry. Still can't believe he just up and retired.
Holy crap. Just flipping through channels, came across a show on ESPN Classic which mentioned the player and this whole thing you're trying to figure out. You know what, I'll tell you what show it is. American Gladiators. Although I guess that's not much of a clue. Except that you know it couldn't be from after that show was on.
No Nitro. Wasn't one of the gladiators. They were just talking about him on there.
Magic Johnson?
Always thinking so hard... but wrong. Sorry.
Cliff Robinson
Ickey Woods
He nailed it. The Ickey Shuffle. But also a song called the Ickey Ickey Shake. Video to follow.
Okay, one of the unwritten rules of kwizdom is that after a clue is given, the eventual winner can't get all the points. So here's what I'm doing. Everyone who answered gets .4 points, and the winner, pweezil, will get the rest of the 6.

Pweezil: 4.0
Matty: 0.4
stj: 0.4
kara: 0.4
ajm: 0.4
truth: 0.4

Hey, that's weird.

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