Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NLCS Contest Update

If the Dodgers win tonight, our contest moves on.

If the Phillies win, the series will end--if that's the case, here's the total number of runs each contestant needs in Game 5 to win:

El Cerdo: 1-3 runs or Dodger forfeit in which no runs are credited to either club
Neil Hay: 4-9 runs
bwsmith: 10
Jay & Ryan: 11
SoSock: 12-14
AJM & Bosox Fan Wichita: 15-23
pweezil: 24 or more

I'd say Neil Hay looks like the favorite right now.

I was counting on a quick series and low-scoring games. The ghosts of the Utter Boredom that passed for the entire 1983 postseason, one of the several Dodgers/Phillies meetings in the NLCS, must have influenced me.

The "Dodger forfeit in which no runs are credited to either club" sounds fine.
Don't forfeits usually count as 7-0 games though?
Just looked it up. According to the rules, forfeits are scored by a run for each inning played, so a forfeit in MLB would presumably be 9-0. Amateur leagues that only play 7 inning games have 7-0 forfeits; I guess I was remembering one from my youth.
In my youth I always remember 9-0.

However, I feel like I've heard more recently that they don't even do that in MLB.
(In Wiffle Ball, we definitely used it. There were a lot of 9-0 games on the playground. You know, dinner's ready... and god, and the bible.)
the official rules on the MLB site don't seem to talk about the score for forfeits, but FWIW, here's what Wiki says about it:

In rare cases, baseball games are forfeited, and the score is recorded with the forfeiting team scoring no runs; their opponents are credited with the same number of runs as innings scheduled. Thus, a forfeited professional baseball game score will be 9-0; most amateur leagues play seven-inning games, thus forfeits are recorded as 7-0. However, if a forfeit occurs in the middle of an official game in which the forfeiting team is losing, the score will be recorded as it stands at the point of forfeit.
Except the way this is going, I will be out of the contest by the time the 4th inning rolls round.

If you do the same contest for the WS, put me down for 112 runs right now.
Damn you Shane Victorino

Oh well, such is life.
7th inning: Jay & Ryan are nailing it exact right now....
Sorry Jay & Ryan, I just jinxed you. SoSock has it right now, and will still win if 1 or 2 more runs are scored.
Dodgers score. SoSock can only give up one more! And it's bases loaded no out....
Phils get out of it! SoSock still has 6 more outs to get, 1 run to spare, or else AJM and Wichita take over.
14th run of the night! Can SoSock hang on??
15th run stranded at third. We go to the ninth!
Phils win 10-4 and win series. SoSock closest to pin!

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