Friday, October 16, 2009

Know What Their Problem Was?

Took out Pedro too early!

Okay, so here's the contest roster in order by runs:

pweezil 67
Bosox/Wichita 54
AJM 54
SoSock 49
Jay 48
Ryan 48
bwsmith 47
Neil Hay 46
El Cerdo 35

[Total runs after two games: 37]

You know, I meant to comment on this last Friday night: I completely agree about Pedro, and the great irony in Manuel's 'Reverse Grady' is that the circumstances were completely reversed:

In 2004:
Pedro was already at 100 pitches, and was clearly showing signs of fatigue
He had to face the heart of the Yank's lineup in a great hitter's park for lefties
The Sox pen was excellent, and was fully warmed and ready

In 2009:
Pedro was only at 87 pitches, and had breezed through the 7th inning
He would have faced the bottom of the Dodgers order in the 8th in a pitcher's ballpark
The Phillies pen is unreliable to put it kindly

The bottom line: Pedro should have 2 more postseason wins on his resume.

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