Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comment From Ronan Tynan??

Hate crime! Hate crime! Look at what a Yankee fan just commented on my last post (I'll excerpt it, leaving out his incorrect statements about the Red Sox):

"Listen you fucken piece of shit jew mother fucker...

...john henry is a jew fuck..."

He also throws in some vintage Bleacher Cretin homophobia as a bonus!

(It's also really funny to me that some people are so incredibly stupid that they think the abbreviated, g-dropped form of "fucking" (fuckin') is actually its own separate word called "fucken." Like it's "begotten" or something.)

MFY fans. All class, all the time.

Glad you left this comment up, Jere. It's main reason I could not in any lifetime, and for no reason, ever applaud for the New York Yankees.
A) I don't know enough about that Ronan Tynan thing to conclude that he wasn't being ironic. Maybe he was being fully serious, but does he have a history of saying weird, racist stuff?

B) If the same thing with the commenter happened w/ a crazy red sox fan on a yankee blog, would they be fair to consider it representative? Not that *you* did, but Q seems to. There are a lot of awful internet people out there, and there are plenty of real reasons to deride yanks fans, but I don't think this really counts, (other than deriding this particular one of course).
Literacy-Not a strong suit for those inhabitants of Toilets 1 & 2.

I wonder just how much of a favor, Lupica was offered by Hal or Hank?
Hello to you! Your last sentence, Jere, went far, far over that idiot's head. What a fool.

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