Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Fuck Yourselves, Yankees

So fitting that after their attempts at paying off the umpires fails, they win on an error. Always the way they do it.

Good thing the scoreboard told the empty chairs when to cheer all game.

The shitlickers are beatable. Will the Obtuse Angles remember how to play baseball? There's still time.

The Yankees don't have to do anything, really.

The Angels seemingly don't want to win. We'll take it.
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Jetes FTW!

Anyway, back on Earth -- did you catch that awesome commentary by the Fox postseason baseball dream team? After that double-play safe call they had prettymuch the worst hash of weird statements I've ever heard. Basically, they thought that he never touched the bag, (which was impossible to tell from the angle they used and the fact that they kept cutting away as he threw and his foot moved toward the bag). Yet they thought that even if the SS didn't touch the bag, he still should have gotten the out call! Because, as McCarver said, he NEVER touched the bag on any of his DP's tonight yet still got all of *those* calls. Then about 2 minutes later, McCarver had to admit that the producers had checked on his statement about that (hm, I wonder why...) and that the Angels SS actually HAD touched the bag every other time.

All of this leaving aside the rather obvious fact that no other team would get a safe call in this situation. But it was yankee stadium, in extra innings, where umpires don't even try to hide the fact that they get a thrill from making weird calls that please the crowd.
And then after they didn't score in that inning, Buck tries to act like it doesn't matter! Any time you get an extra out, it changes everything that happens from that point on.

That was such bullshit. I still can't believe I spent 5 hours of my life on that game for nothing. I still have a lot to say about it, but I want to leave the anti-Semitic stuff u for awhile so people can see it.

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