Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ballgame Tonite

Okay, I forgot to give you the Drinkwater update. Every once in a while I get a new comment on this post. Check the very bottom one, it's from a close acquaintance. It's funny, back when I wrote that, I thought "Drinkwater" was who we now know as Kapstein, but people still comment on the real Drinkwater on that post.

I heard TC on the radio today. He said that if the Sox were 6-2 instead of 8-0 against the Yanks, we'd be 4.5 back instead of 0.5. An e-mailer "corrected" him, confidently saying that it would be 2.5, even "explaining" that we should think of it as four half-games, meaning a two-game difference. And TC said, "yeah, sorry, the e-mailer was right." No! TC was right! And he just let the guy tell him he was wrong! So I don't have to explain this, just go look at the standings, and add two wins to the Yanks' total, and take away two losses. Then add two losses to the Sox' total, and take away two wins. You'll see that would put us 4.5 back. I hope TC figured out before the end of the show that he had been right....

I also hear radio people saying how we're gonna give Papi a lengthy standing ovation next time he's at Fenway. I don't know about you, but there are two Red Sox fans in my house who are not, I repeat and capitalize, NOT thinking, "oh, Papi took steroids? I can't wait to give him a standing ovation!" Are we alone in this? Of course I'm rooting for the guy, but I'm gonna cheer way louder for clean guys like Pedroia than I am for Papi--and I'm one of Papi's biggest fans. Though I do hope a second baseman finally shows him up by not throwing a ball to first, waiting and waiting until he finally runs. Because I really want him to start running balls out--you'd think the three dropped pop-ups this year would have taught him. Anyway, all this steroid stuff is still pending, as we wait to hear what Papi says about it. Obviously if he just took a supplement or something, nothing changes. It seems like the chances of that are pretty slim, though, unfortunately.

Sox at Tampa, 7:10.

You're not alone, I won't be giving him an ovation, but I understand the sentiment. It's a show of support for a friend going through a tough time, guilty or not. I'm actually considering wearing my Ortiz jersey as a quiet show of support so you may lump me in with the cheerers, even though I don't see it that way. I'm monumentally disappointed, but I'm reserving judgment, and waiting.
Well I'm talking about if he did do it. I'm not gonna pat him on the back and say "sorry you're going through a tough time" when it was he himself who caused the tough time, after going scot-free for 6 years. But that's only if it turns out he took PEDs.

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