Friday, July 24, 2009

Topes Win

We finally win. Despite Ellsbury's continued inability to slide around a tag.

There's a palm tree in my back yard. I've always loved palm trees, and when we got a house, I looked into getting one, and found out some types of palm can live in cold temps. A few days ago, I placed my online order for a windmill palm. Today, a tree in a box showed up on our doorstep. It's a few feet tall, but most of that is the fronds. We'll see if I can keep the thing alive. Funny thing is, we were at our neighbors' house two nights ago, and I mentioned I'd ordered a palm tree, and our neighbor pointed to a palm tree of her own, ten feet from where we were sitting. But what else would you expect from a burlesque performer. So I don't even have the first palm in the neighborhood. But at least I've got someone to give me advice on how to care for the thing.

Bonus: Since everyone's talking about the fifth anniversary of that classic game/fight with Tek G-Loving A-Rod, I thought I'd link to what I wrote on this blog back when it happened. Like the rest of the posts from year one of this blog, just ignore the reference to my ex.


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