Saturday, July 24, 2004


What an ending! That was the type of home run where I cheered just as hard watching the replay as I did for the original. It was just so damn sweet, like tasty-licious sweet, seeing Mueller go deep off of Mariano. Keep prayin' to whoever that guy is you pray to--yeah, the Johnny Damon lookin' guy--because it really works, Billy!

This has possibly been the most eventful two weeks of my whole life. I went to Seattle for a week and did all that vacation-y stuff out there, only to come back to get things ready for my new band's first show, including doing two band "photo shoots" (of the DIY variety of course), so that there can be a picture of me and Pat--that's the whole band-- in the local paper to accompany an article about this blog and the Red Sox, for which I did the interview today. It will be out Tuesday, I believe, I'll link here to the article. And I went to New York Wednesday to see a screening of Groundhog Day, with special guest, Harold Ramis, whose autograph I got. And I shot a scene for my friend's movie, another DIY deal, wearing a heavy coat with no shirt under it, and a cockfighting hat on my head that my uncle got for me when I was little. And Pat & I went to BOTH games of the day-night doubleheader on Thursday. And in the midst of it all, it just happened to be a Red Sox-yankees weekend. So what have we learned so far in this series? Let's see...

1. Fox made way too big a deal about the fact that today's game was delayed. And if the yanks wanna pack up the trucks before the game is called, that's nobody's fault but their own.

2. We learned that if A-Rod wants to mess with Varitek, he's gonna get his pretty face smashed, and then lifted, by the crotch, mind you, into the air and then pummeled by the entire Red Sox team. (Fox never mentioned the crotch thing, but it was pretty clear.)

3. Tanyon Sturtze, or anyone else, is no match for Gabe Kapler.

4. Quantrill, Gordon, Rivera, and the rest of the yankees pitching staff, showed how they pitch against a talented lineup.

5. Millar may very well be "back."

6. Mendoza can actually pitch good. (I just got off the phone with my mom, who pointed that out, as I'd already forgotten, what with the ending and all, plus Mendoza got guys out so fast, he was barely on my screen at all. Note: my mom refers to him as "that yankee guy.")

7. The Red Sox need some bullpen help--oh wait, we knew that.

About this fight, though. I love how we continue to not back down to the yankees. When A-Rod started mouthing off, I said to Varitek, "Punch him in the face!". I had just barely got the word "face" out of my mouth, when Jason actually did it. Joe Buck started to say something about A-Rod, and it really sounded like he was gonna say that A-Rod should've just walked to first, and I was like, wow, he's finally gonna speak the truth. But no, he was saying that A-Rod will probably look good to his teammates for, uh, getting his ass kicked and his starting pitcher and himself knocked out of the game. I guess. When I told Pat this, he pointed out that A-Rod would've been right either way in Fox's eyes, for had he just walked to first, they would've talked about how classy he is. Terrible job.

But these fights against the yankees, they put me into a mental state I rarely get to visit. I'm not a violent person, well, I mean, inanimate object occasionally suffer the brunt of my frustrated outbursts, but I've never been in a phsical fight with another human being. (Well, Steve Metzker spit in my face in middle school, after chasing me around because I called him fat, but that's about it.) So when the people that represent "my team" are suddenly physically beating on the people I hate with such a passion, I feel like I'm in a fight. And I start screaming the type of screams that would probably scare Lys if she were around.

Fighting the yankees rules.

I hope all the "we don't care about the yankees" Red Sox fans got a little taste of the yankee-hating spirit today; maybe they'll think about comin' back to my side. I'm always so proud to be a Sox fan when they're going at it with the yanks.

Also, did you notice at the end Jason Varitek jumping on the pile--I think he had shorts on. That was great.

Also, Jason Giambi has been searching for answers everywhere to find out what's wrong with him. I'd love to be a doctor, and come in to his room and say,  "Diagnosis-You Stink!"


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