Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yanks Losing

Sabathia fails again. 5-1 Angels in the 7th. Hopefully those assholes can hang on to a late lead today.

Also, I got the weirdest comment just now. It's on my post about Hunter Jones. This person claims to know me, saying he used to "date Jason's mom" (I have know idea who that could be) and that I liked to "ride in his Jaguar with the 'grey Poupon tables'." Wha????? Now I've ridden in a Cadillac hundreds of times. Thousands! But a Jaguar? I have no recollection of this, especially not one with tables in the back.

Okay, update: Upon re-reading, I figured out the guy was talking directly to Hunter Jones with his Jaguar comments. So, there you have it--Hunter used to ride around with Jason's mom's boyfriend in his Grey Poupon Jaguar...

Duh. Everyone knows that the best way to contact someone is through a blog post about them that they're unlikely to read.
And now I have just read the comment. It made me laugh really hard for some reason. THEY CATCH THEIR OWN BAIT!!!!
Do you think the mom--BUNNIE HUNTER--took it out on the kid, naming him Davy Jones?

Can you see how I thought at first the guy was talking to me?

And his keyboard, while missing several letters, definitely has a return key.

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