Thursday, April 16, 2009

#62 To Hang Like A Monkee In Davy Jones's Locker

Newest Red Sox pitcher Hunter Jones will wear 62. (His real name is David Hunter Jones.)

I hope he's a Big Game Hunter.
He is. He was throuwing 70 mph in his teens. He had no hitters and I saw him hit several grand slams.

He was brought up well and hoe-schooled until high school by his mom Bunnie. He an his dad David are great fisherman. They eveen caught their own bait with nets.

It was exiting to see someone with his character and integrity make it.

His best friend at the time, Jason Arruda should be beside him. He was as good a cathcher I have seen at 15. So fast and quite a relief pitcher in his own right.

Glad you made it Hunter.

You may remember me , I dated Jason's mom and you liked to ride in my jaguar with the "grey-Poupon" tables in the back.

No luck neede but the st to you.

Jim Barrows
Canterbury, CT

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