Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sox Catch Fish. With Bat-Poles And Ball-Bait.

Old-timey post I wrote for today's Sox game is up at Baseball Digest now. Here's your teaser:

Jupiter, Fla.–"If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly,” might have been the suggestion sent from Jupiter Pluvius to the ball-teams battling in his namesake burg to-day. The Franconamen, after a quarter-day of swamp-crossing and rain-watching, weren’t compelled to dawdle in the batter’s boxes once the contest had finally gotten underway. And the soggy cranks were rewarded with a performance of McBeth, who took the stage for the Bostons in the fourth act, unseaming three Marlin from gill to tail.

Read the rest here.

Thanks to Allan Wood for the "Jupiter Pluvius" suggestion. That is good stuff. And thanks to Empy who always inspires me to write about baseball in a more creative way. And I have to say, the Sox having a player named McBeth is totally gold.

By the way, if you were wondering, the Baseball Digest thing isn't a paid gig--if I ever get one of those, you'll be the first to know. Not you, you.

So we get a rain-shortened win in a game that was delayed almost three hours at the start. We play Philly tomorrow at 1.

A new Kwiz is up, and it's one of those "pick a number" ones, so go ahead and take a stab. But it has a deadline of 4:44 PM Sunday, so do it quick.

By the way, if you prefer "regular" game wrap-ups, by all means, read those. Just know that they don't always spell the names correctly:

The above is from a site called "" (ProJo also loooves the "Kotteras" spelling.)

You do know that, like, if you were to write me an e-mail and you spelled a name wrong, I wouldn't care, right? The whole point is that these are major newspapers/websites who really shouldn't be making any mistakes that are so easy to avoid.
When he first came over in the trade at the end of the '06 season, the PawSox season was over but the Sea Dogs were in the playoffs, so he went to play for them. My parents and brother went to one of the playoff games - I think his first game with the Sea Dogs - and they had spelled his name wrong ("Kotteras") on his jersey! I'll have to see if my father has a pic.
You could send it to UniWatch if you find it...

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