Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kwiz Seventeen (Not The Winger One)

Okay, tell me the total number of points that will be scored in the last NCAA tournament game to end tomorrow (Sunday) night. So, whichever game ends last, the total amount of points scored by both teams added together. I will leave all guesses hidden until the deadline, which is 4:44 Sunday afternoon. (The last three games all start around 5-ish.) Closest to total gets 6 points. Going over IS allowed. If it's a tie, points will be divided evenly. And if there's any controversy as to which game ends last, well, we'll just hope that doesn't happen. Go.

Previous Kwiz solved.

Red Sox currently in a rain delay.

OK, the hardest thing for me is deciding whther the Louisville game or the Mich. St. game will end last.
I'm going with 138
Okay, time's up. SoSock's got low, pweezil's got high, and AJM got squeezed.

Up to 141: SS. 142-146: AJM. 147: AJM/pweezil tie. 148 and up: pweezil.
Kara about two hours passed the deadline. Her guess is waved off by the ref!

This is crazy--I got to the point of just assuming Louisville would be the final finish--but that Mizzou ending with its delay almost made it. But now all games are over but Louisville, and they're at 143 with 44 seconds left!
And Jerry Smith is at the line! Miss! Looks like we're down to more free throws though...
It rolls in, for 145! Siena down 7.....30 sec left
Miss by Siena. Foul, and Louisville gets more free throws. Had they decided not to foul, AJM would've hit this EXACTLY.
miss! we're at 145 but oh! 148 with a 3!! And that seals it for pweezil!!!
If Jerry Smith makes one free throw here, pweezil get it EXACT!
misses the first...
makes the second! that;s it---awww, Louisville somehow dunks despite not needing it! Ruining pweezil's exactness, but he still wins.
And Siena's layup at the buzzer rolls out---had it gone in, the disallowed Kara's guess would've tied pweezil, and I would've felt guilty, so I'm glad it rolled out.

final total = 151.

6 for pweezil.
By the way, Louisville's my predicted champ. I went 12-4 in that round, with all my final 8 still alive. One of my best years ever. I willed all of today's final three games to go my way.

Rebecca, on the other hand...lost her champ in Marquette. She took a shot, though.
Oops. Sorry! I guess I wasn't paying good enough attention.
Don't you mean, "I got the guess in at 4:30--Blogger must not have registered it until 6:46."? :)
Ha! No, but I will say that my original guess was 153. I felt bad squeezing in too tight to the other high number that was guessed, so I pushed my answer back to 157, just to be polite. That's the way I roll. : )
Haha, nice.

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