Monday, March 16, 2009

Kwiz Christine Sixteen

Clue, 3/20: It's from Woody Woodpecker.

Here's a screenshot from a cartoon. What line did the dog say?

"No, Dragon, I have no idea why Jere is featuring us in a Kwiz either"
Lemme check my notes.... no.
I'd tell you if I could watch it in English. Something about "home."
Ali Gator, Go Home.
Kara's getting five here, for finding the video, and pweezil gets one for getting the (English) line.

The only controversy is, did the cosmonaut dog actually know his name was "Al E. Gator," or was he simply saying "alligator, go home"? He does space it out (in the English version), so it does actually sound like "Al-i-gator."
This site ( says: "The Gabby Gator prototype, "Ali Gator", is featured again in this cartoon. This time, he looks pretty much the same as Gabby, but would not be officially called "Gabby" until next year's "Southern Fried Hospitality"."
That's where I got the pic, it's a really fun site. You (and pweezil) are right on the spelling, though, I was thinking of U of Florida's mascot, Albert E. Gator.

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