Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sked Notes

The Red Sox schedule is now showing the Futures doubleheader--August 8th (as was first reported in this press release...that I wrote). It says the Portland game is at 6:00, and the Pawtucket game is at 6:05. Unless Portland's playing a four-minute game, they have this wrong. I checked Portland's site--they say they're playing that day at 6:00. I checked the PawSox site--they say they're playing at 6:05.

What they've done in the past is have game one start at noon, then game two after a short break. I don't know where they're getting this weird 6/6:05 info, or why all three sites are using it. Maybe it'll be like Lollapalooza, with bases laid out in center field facing toward the infield. One game plays a half inning, then the other game plays one, on the other infield. It would be cool to see a home run go up into the press box, or over the roof.

I see they're doing ads on the schedule again--they've already done one in March for a video game release.

Now that the Sox are partnered with JetBlue, they're putting the little plane icon on every game, as the Yanks have done with Continental in the past.

Chris Carter is 3 for 3 today, and Papelbon pitched a perfect inning against three tough hitters. Buchholz and Bowden did not fare nearly as well.

Nice Rick Burleson interview here.


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