Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Futures At Fenway 2009 Info Announced (By Me!)

by Jere Smith, RSF/PT

Fenway Park will once again be looking into its crystal ball in 2009. On Saturday, August 8th, four teams of future stars will take the 97-year old diamond in a single-admission doubleheader with fan-friendly prices in the fourth annual "Futures at Fenway" event.

The action starts at noon with the Red Sox' double-A team, the Portland Sea Dogs, taking on their Eastern League rivals, the Bowie (Md.) BaySox. Following a brief intermission, the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox will take on the Norfolk Tides in an International League battle.

Both opposing teams are affiliates of the Baltimore Orioles.

In addition to a bunch of mascots and stuff, kids will get to do stuff, and, well, you know the drill. Look, I'm not the media, I'm just a blogger who figured this stuff out by looking at the minor league team's schedules. It doesn't take a genius: The PawSox physical one mentions it by name, and Portland's ticketing page leaves off that game, even though it's listed as a home game on their sked. And you know the Lowell Spinners ain't involved because they've got Pet Dish Night on that date. So...anyway, in case you were wondering when this thing would take place this upcoming season, it looks like August 8th. Family friendly prices will be all low and stuff and available from the usual sources. And the event's logo will surely be sullied by a big corporate logo--it was Filene's Basement last season. I wonder if Lucchino specifically planned this to have the Orioles' teams involved to show his old team some proverbial love.

Newspapers, feel free to "pick up" this story, just make sure you give credit to the "fanboy" in his "parents' basement" who "doesn't know anything." Oh, and can somebody update the Futures at Fenway Wikipedia page? Too lazy.

also, on the ticket request form distributed at hadlock the first day single game sea dogs tickets went on sale that game was physically crossed out and the location was listed as "fenway park." so yes.

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