Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Not My Birthday, But....

I just wrote a piece for Baseball Digest about the history of the Red Sox on my birthday, September 8th. You may remember when this blog was about a week old, in March of 2004, I wrote a piece on how the Sox had been doing on my birthday since 1991. Consider this a much nerdier, comprehensive update.

Back when I wrote that March '04 piece, the Sox hadn't won on my birthday since 1991. Six months later, they'd end the 13 year drought, breaking the "Curse of the Brumbino," (Mike Brumley, whose last days with the Sox came in May 1992--I'm just making this up now) by beating Oakland on 9/8/04, and going on to win the World Series. Some note that since it was a west coast game that ended after midnight in the east, the curse was still alive. And after birthday losses in 2006 (a game I went to which the Sox blew to KC in the ninth in a game which saw a Royals player hit a ball off the ladder) and 2007, it was not only alive but well. Last year we truly broke it, though, on the day of the 456th consecutive sell-out.

If you do consider '04 to be a September 9th win, then the September 8th road losing streak is still in tact, the last win coming on 9/8/1986 in Baltimore. Then again, that game lasted nearly four hours. Don't tell me Orioles' games started at 8:05 PM or later back then...


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