Monday, March 08, 2004

Santy Claus, Why Are You Taking My Birthday Wins?

Besides being my dad's birthday, today is my half-birthday. I'm now 28 1/2. The Red Sox won twice today for my dad's big day (two split-squad wins) and we also got the bonus present (half present?) of the Sheffield injury news. And I know the games don't count, but I'm still kinda jealous, because the Red Sox never win on my birthday, September 8th.

Last year, it was a horrible loss to the Orioles.
In '02, a 9-4 loss to the Jays at home.
'01: A loss in the Bronx, I was there, upper deck, LAST row, but behind home plate. (Saw twin towers for the last time out the little rectangular windows at the top of the stadium--one of the two "dashes" between 'Y*NKEE' and 'STADIUM' when looking from the outside, 3 days before 9-11).
'00: Again I was there, saw Bryce Florie get hit in the face, another loss to NY.
'99: 6-2 loss at Oakland.
'98: Pedro loses to Cone and NY at home, 3-2.
'97: No game.
'96: 7-4 loss at Chicago.
'95: Wakefield loses to Cone 8-4 @ NY. (My folks took me to Stadium, we sat way back in left field lower deck.)
'94: STRIKE.
'93: 8-1 loss at Chicago.
'92: Matt Young loses to now old y*nkee Kevin Brown at Texas 8-1.

You have to go all the way back to 1991 to find the last time the Sox won on my birthday, September 8th. 17-6 vs. Seattle. Mike Gardiner got the win. Phil Plantier hit his 4th homer of the year. Griffey, Jr. was 1 for 3. And Ellis Burks was 1 for 3 with a sac fly. That's right, the last win on my birthday had Ellis Burks in the lineup....hey, maybe that's the key to a birthday win this year!

The Boston Red Sox are a perfect 0-10 in the last 12 seasons on September 8th.

As for the last road win on my birthday, you gotta go back almost 20 years to a 9-3 eleven inning win at Baltimore in '86.

This year's game is at Oakland, on a Wednesday at 10:05. I'll be up late that night. I will see this streak come to an end. And then a month and a half later, another streak will come to an end.

Note: I apologize to you if your birthday is not during baseball season, I know that at least I have a chance for a win nearly every year, and I don't take it for granted.....but 1991??? Come on!

Note #2: Check out how your team did on your birthday at


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