Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conformity Kills Again

Perfect example of why the MLB sites shouldn't all be networked together! They've added a little widget to all the sites that shows that team's next three home series, right below the team headlines section. At the the bottom of it are the words "Promotion Schedule." One problem: The Red Sox don't have promotions! (In fact, this is how I knew it was on all the sites, not just a thing.) I clicked on "Promotion Schedule" just to check, and sure enough, I saw this. Yes, a blank page.

How is it that there's nobody over at telling MLB not to give their site that "promotions" button? And how does MLB not know that they haven't had giveaways at Fenway Park in years? They were rare even when they did them.

I guess MLB figures all their teams are like the Yanks, with their "classy" soup bowl nights. Think I'm kidding? I've done entire posts mocking this before, but here are some more of their '09 promotions: luggage tag day, passport holder night, ice cream bowl night, and the ultimate in delusions, inaugural season fan ring day. I knew they'd find that 27th ring somewhere!

Anyway, maybe the Red Sox plan on using that page for various events or something. I mean, it's not like there isn't pre-game entertainment, but we just don't feel the need to lure fans in with those items everyone's always buzzing about. Like soup bowls.

Unanswered Kwiz here. I may have to give a clue on this one soon.

Screenshot of blank Red Sox promotions page here.

Dunno about that "conformity" bit, Jere. I volunteer through my workplace at my local IL team's giveaway days, and it gets crazy! Who knew a magnet with Don Baylor's mug would be a hot ticket item, so many years after he played for the Rochester (NY) Red Wings. If it's a kids-only giveaway, I need to be prepared with my own catcher's gear to kill the onslaught of angry adults that can't get a baseball. It's nuts, and that's for AAA!

The first game I went ever to at Fenway was the 100th consecutive sellout of the current streak. I got sunscreen as part of the Shade Foundation celebration that day. A nice way to remember the day, save for seeing the Monster in person for the first time ever.

In other words, I wish the Sox *would* do promos. It's not like they can't afford it, says the proud owner of a stuffed toy Tony C doll that was a giveaway in the 70's...
That's what I meant when I said stuff does go on at Fenway--they just don't need to use it to get people to come, as they're coming anyway. The last thing I'm trying to say is that Sox fans are missing out in any way.

I got a little commemorative ticket thing on the consecutive sellout streak-breaker, handed to me by Castiglione! Way better that a soup bowl, yet it doesn't need to be promoted. The whole point is that we don't need gimmicks to get people in, but you always get your money's worth at Fenway.
By the way, the line about conformity was referring to the fact that all the MLB sites are the same and it's stupid. And was also inspired by the previous post's title.

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