Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rod Stuff

A-Rod's press conference is about to start. We'll see if he clears up the huge hole in his story--the fact that he claims he stopped when he was injured in spring training of '03, yet he tested positive after that point. See my post about it here.

He never actually did say "I stopped at that moment." He only said that he decided to stop at that moment, and that the time he used was "pretty much" '01 to '03. I still say his "lying in bed" story is complete bull, an attempt to make it appear he only was using in Texas. The guy's gonna slip at some point (possibly today) or something else is gonna come out that will prove him to be even more of a liar than he already is.

I love how this whole thing is showing everyone how delusional Yankee fans are. Their guy is caught cheating, and their mind goes right to "well, your guy is, too." Even though our guy is completely innocent. It's as ludicrous as if your neighbor murdered someone, and when you say, Hey, terrible job, murderer, they come back with, "You murdered someone, too!" You can't just invent facts in life. Sometimes bad things happen to you, and you have to deal with them. The Yankee motto continues to be "IF."


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