Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Louie Rocco?"

Well, it's official. Around the same time I finally become a citizen of Rhode Island, Rocco Baldelli finally joins the Red Sox. Like I said a while back, this whole thing isn't as exciting as we always hoped it would be, but still, I'm very happy he's home again. There's less pressure on him this way, as opposed to if he'd come up with us, and extra pressure is the last thing that guy needs, with all he's been through.

If you look at his numbers when he's been healthy, it will make you smile. He has to actually stay healthy, though. I'm glad we're giving him a shot.

And if this is the end of Charlie Zink, well, we'll always have, you know, that one time.

Update, the next day: Zink outrighted to Pawtucket.

And don't forget about John's official, even though he won't be able to take the mound until late May. Low risk...high gain signings! Both of 'em!!
You became a citizen of Rhode Island when you moved here in September with the intention of remaining. (You're a citizen of the state where you reside, under the Fourteenth Amendment, and that's all that residency means.)

Hopefully Baldelli will get counted here for census purposes. We wouldn't like to lose our second congressman.
I just meant that September and now are "right around the same time," relatively. Not that I've been going through some Rhode Island citizenry test. I shouldn't have said the word "finally." Then again, I think I just meant to say "resident."
Not that I've been going through some Rhode Island citizenry test.

Can you drive in snow? Willing to travel more than half a mile from your house? If so, then you fail.
I may not like metal enough or wear enough denim on my upper body, either.

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