Monday, November 24, 2008


Don't you feel like the inevitable acquisition of Rocco Baldelli has lost its luster? Ever since he came up, I figured the local kid would be one day settle in with the Sox. Since then, he's been constantly injured, with the weirdest and saddest ailments. Now we're in the market for a fourth outfielder, and Rocco's a free agent. But instead of being the All-Star centerfielder we always thought he'd become, he's...a fourth outfielder. Do I still want him? Sure. And I hear he recently met with the team. But the thrill is gone already. He just looks so sad and fatigued, almost like that guy in Heat at the beginning that Wayne Gro is yelling at, but he just stares blankly, his ears full of blood. In one interview, he talked about how his brother got to sit in the dugout, which he normally can't do because of a peanut allergy. The "peanut allergy" is the saddest of all allergies. If you're a kid, it's second only to being allergic to air: you just don't get to leave the house much. Who knows, maybe Rocco can give it a go over here at Grover Cleveland.

In other news, what most people don't realize about Jonathan Papelbon is the fact that as well as being a great closer, he's also a very talented drummer for the rock group Queen. (bottom left)


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