Thursday, January 15, 2009

Investments Are Flooding In, Join Now

Wanna join me in buying the Red Sox? Go here for more info, or go here to add to the pot at the NEW Fundable page--I've already got some partners, though no millionaires have stepped up yet. Don't make me auction my virginity, people. (Feel free to print out this badge and wear it to work.)

So Youk is probably signing a huge contract right about now. Good for Youk. Hey, couldn't a player buy a stake in the team he's on? Is that allowed? Or, buy another team, and then have all these tributes to yourself at that team's park, make them retire your number, etc.? "At the request of Royals' owner David Ortiz, it's David Ortiz bobblehead night at Kaufmann Stadium!"

The DFA-ers for Smoltz and Kotsay are Pauley and Aardsma.


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