Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Thankful For Cameras, Keyboards, And Readers

I already did a season in review, but here are my final in-person Red Sox stats:

Regular season games seen in person: 20

Record: 12 wins, 8 losses (1-0 on road)

Postseason record: 1-2

Best stretch: 9-2 from May to mid-September.

A photographic and written record of each game is available at right in the Photo Galleries section.

Red Sox dongs-25 (3 of those in postseason): David Ortiz-8 (1 PS), Kevin Youkilis-4, JD Drew-4 (1 PS), Dustin Pedroia-3, Manny Ramirez-2 (including career 500th), Kevin Cash-2 (1 PS), Mike Lowell-1, Jason Bay-1.

Opponent dongs-27 (8 PS): Napoli-3 (2 PS), Longoria-2 (2 PS), C Pena-2 (2 PS), Giambi-2, Braun-2, Aybar-1 (1 PS), Upton-1 (1 PS), Thames-1, C Guillen-1, Fielder-1, Hardy-1, Olivo-1, J Guillen-1, B Roberts-1, Morneau-1, Kubel-1, Cano-1, D Barton-1, Kinsler-1, Snider-1, Nady-1.

Games by starting pitcher: Dice-6 (1 PS), Beckett-5 (1 PS), Lester-3, Wake-3 (1 PS), Masterson-2 (indluding MLB debut), Zink-1 (including MLB debut), Buchholz-1, Byrd-1.

PS = post-season

Here's a challenge. Of the probable 500+ pix that you took during the 2008 season, what is your favorite? Even better, what about a top 10 list? Possibly something to put together whilst battling the tryptophan coma.
I posted 500, probably took more like 4,000. Yeah, maybe I could do a top 10. A couple I used in my little show at Somerville Open Studios, but that was in May so most were from the year before.

Also, no tryp trip for me. Vegetarian. Hey, does Tofurkey have trick-tophan?
Ah, the infamous and mythical trytophan coma.

Totally worth it. Although I'm more of a stuffing man myself.

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