Monday, September 15, 2008


Kazmir vs. Dice tonight, 7:10. A win ties us for first place, but we'd still be a game back in the loss column. The Rays have no more days off, and have to play a doubleheader. We have one more day off, so that accounts for the Rays having to play two more games than we do through the end of the season.

Did you try Shortz yesterday? If not, spoilers ahead. The title was "Year-Round." Basically, each month was represented in the puzzle by its three-letter abbreviation. So, for Septemeber, you had a clue of "nativity figure" going across, and "wages, before overtime" down. Answers: J-O-(SEP)-H, and B-A-(SEP)-P-A-Y. Of course, you have no idea going in that these months have to be there, or that you have to use three letters in one square. It took me so freakin' long to figure this out. And since I was doing it online, I didn't notice that the positioning of these months were in one big circle in the puzzle, in order, until I'd filled in nine or ten of them. I knew something was funny right away when "Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction" had only three letters in it. I knew his name was Jules, so I was convinced Shortzie made a mistake--or remembered that line "My name's Pitt, and your ass ain't talkin' your way outta this shit," and thought maybe his actual name was "Pit." With one T. For more rhymes I've discovered in Pulp Fiction, see this old post.

I figured out the monthal- abbreviation-in-one-square thing early on, but not that they were in a circle. I'm still stuck on Rihanna's native language, though.
I had the first two letters of that--so once I was able to plug in that month, I was like Ohhhhh...

It's funny--for months now, I feel like I've waited for Shortz to do the "multiple letters in one square" thing. It's almost like he lulled me to sleep by not doing it for so long. (at least in puzzles I saw). So I just wasn't even thinking of it. Shortz!

Today's Shortz was a great one. Once I got the holiday he was talking about, I breezed. Still took me like 40 minutes, but good for me for a Thursday--plus I was watching a movie while doing it.

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