Saturday, September 06, 2008

Full Day Of Fun, Non-Fun

Had our little co-birthday celebration (me and my sister, two days apart) down on the CT shore at my parents' house today. I'd expected a hurricane, and therefore no beach, but the rain barely showed up at all, so we got plenty of swimming in. And even when it rained, my sister's four kids and some of the rest of us just stayed in the water anyway. You gotta take advantage of LI Sound when it has waves. It was really fun. I love rain-swimming. Especially when there's no lightning threatening to kill you.

Around cake-eating time, I checked the computer and saw the Rays were 3-3 in the 11th. Having recently boasted about how their days of great comebacks are over, I headed for the linescore thinking, "just don't let there be a 3 in the Tampa ninth." But that's what it was. BJ and the defense tried to blow it Friday, and they did on Saturday. So it was extra frames. I checked later and watched the Jays get out of a huge jam, giving an intentional walk with two outs and a man on second, only to walk the next guy, and then go 3-0 on Pena. They got out of that, but in the 13th, the Rays finally scored. But with two outs in the bottom half, the Rays walked Rolen with two on, two out, to get to Zaun. It was pretty sweet when I saw that score change from a 3 to a 7. Grand dong for Zaun, and the Rays lose again, now 1-4 in September.

The fun died out a little tonight though, as the Sox are getting executed in Texas. Looks like we'll still be 2.5 back.

Chris Smith's lettering on the back of his road jersey has always looked very spaced out to me. Tonight I finally got a good comparison. Timlin came in after him, and his letters are so close together, you could fit almost two "TIMLIN"s in the area they use for S M I T H. That's a slight exaggeration, but look at Cora, Ortiz, or any other short namer, then look at Smith. What's up with these mid-season jerseys not being consistent with the others? I guess that's normal.

Finally some news about the all-time consecutive sellout streak, which we'll break on Monday. Key lines:

"Other considerations include having players standing at the gates to welcome fans."


"No [other] team now has a streak of even 25 games."


"We remind ourselves every day how incredible this is, so we’ve decided we’re not going to go over the top on this.”

What kind of logic is that? If you don't go over the top in celebration of something "incredible," when do you? I'm not saying they should, but the reasoning is clearly off. They also mention how the Indians claimed their streak will never be broken. But I've already shown you all the quotes like that, last November. I've been psyched to go to this game for like two years, and it's only two days away....

And it's over, 15-8 final. You know what the key to this game was? That pitch by Wake that hit Catalanotto in the leg. No attempt to move! I feel like Wake got messed up by that. One more game in Texas, and then it's home for the Rays, either 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5 out.

PawSox down two games to one in their first round series, with game 4 postponed until tomorrow.

Anyway, the tropical storm is just about out of here, and now it's borderline hot out at 11 PM. I love it.

Happy Birthday, Jere!
Thanks. Tomorrow I turn Varitek.
Happy B'Day To You And Your Sister:

BTW, SAWX in 1st by Wednesday, as the "Original Rays", flop 'n fart;

And "Toilet II" Implodes
Happy birthday, Jere.

I love rain-swimming. Especially when there's no lightning threatening to kill you.

{Chuckle} One can almost imagine the next line: "But even when there is,..."
I spent the whole day in silence, worshipping your existence. Thanks for being born, Jere.

PS- I f'ing LOVE swimming in the rain. Singing in the rain, however, is for the birds. Literally.
"{Chuckle} One can almost imagine the next line: "But even when there is,...""

I almost actually wrote that...

blessy mcgee, you're welcome. Rain rules.

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