Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Big Day

In 2008, the Red Sox should break the Indians' record of 455 consecutive sellouts. It would happen in our 68th home game of the season, as we're currently at 388. That's Wednesday, September 3rd vs. Baltimore. The next home game after that is Monday, September 8th against the Devil Rays. So, if there's one rain-out before September 3rd that leads to a doubleheader after the 8th, the record would be broken on my birthday. That would be sweet. Remember these dates when you're buying tickets. My 10-game plan is a Mon/Wed/Sat, so I might already have tickets to one or both of these games. I should find out soon.

I gotta figure they have some kind of ceremony when the record is broken. Hey! Since WE are responsible for this record, how about, let's say....all tickets to that game will be free, as will all food and drink. Until the streak ends. Remy, make it happen!

If it happens, one thing would be for sure. This dude will be proven very, very wrong. These three articles have people talking about how the record will never be broken. That's the funniest thing about humanity to me. When people act like they know what's going to happen. (Of course, if we somehow don't break the record, you can laugh at me....) I love how that one guy made the claim in September '06. That's an "eternity" of about two whole years. TJ. (Over the next few years, enough people will say A-Rod "will" break the all-time home run record that some casual fans may think he IS the record-holder. Speaking of Aprod, when is that Canseco book coming out with the dirt on A-Rod? That should be fun.)

But back to attendance figures--I found an old Globe article in which Steinberg talks about what's considered a sellout. (If more tickets--standing room included--are sold than number of total seats, it's a sellout.) Another interesting thing from that article is what's considered "obstructed view." I know I've had tickets that weren't marked obstructed view, yet when I sat down, I discovered key portions of the field were "missing." Turns out the rule is, if you can't see the pitcher and the catcher, you're in an official "obstructed view" seat. Of course, they don't even discount these anymore, which is kind of unfair, I think.


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