Monday, May 05, 2008

I Forgive You, Paul

I'm a regular UniWatch reader. You know I love that site. But sometimes somebody says something and you just cringe. Today, after a full year of the Red Sox bullpen doing the pirate thing, Paul asks, "does anyone know why the Red Sox have a Jolly Roger hanging in their bullpen?" Ouch. To me that's like asking "does anyone know what the B on the Red Sox hat stands for?" But then I realize, Hey, I guess if you're not a Sox fan and you don't obsess over this stuff on a daily basis year round, you're gonna miss some stuff...

So what does it mean?
Last year, the Red Sox' bullpen members started calling the bullpen "the Black Pearl" complete with pirate nicknames for everybody and a parrot mascot, which was stolen during last year's playoffs and then returned.

Here's a post I did about it last October complete with picture--(even then I was making fun of people for not having known it, haha)

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