Monday, October 15, 2007

Benjamin There, Dunbar That

It's always funny when the Red Sox are in the national spotlight in the playoffs, and everyone starts learning about stuff we all knew already.

It's like, Check out this face Papelbon makes! Please, Fox, do not "Jeter's parents"-ize Papelbon's face. (Speaking of Pap, what a job he did in game two. It's a shame we couldn't win it while he was still in there.)

Then you've got Alyssa "Mint" Milano doing a story on the players' parking lot at Fenway, and it's tight squeeze, something Fenway fans have known about were invented, I guess.

And I guess everybody now knows about the rhythm section that is the Red Sox bullpen. Below is a shot I took of them in action this season. (Will Fox bring up the "pirate theme" this series? See the far right of the 'pen in the pic.)

Hey, I hear the Red Sox have come up with an alternate red jersey. Be on top of this breaking story tonight, Fox!

Oh, and of all the things I could forget to mention about game two, it was the most important one:

Curt. You've been pitching for 65 years. On 0-2, WASTE A PITCH. By my proposed team rules, he'd still be in the dungeon right now.


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