Sunday, May 11, 2008

High And Also Dry

Dongs: Youk, Crisp, Lowell, and Lowrie's first-ever. Sox beat Twins 5-2. Dice, win, Oki, hold, Pap, save. I was psyched to cinco-ocho right back in there. His bad luck streak continued with a dome-doomed pop-up, but he still got the job done. I liked seeing us come right back to win the game after a walk-off loss for the second time in a row.

So we're a game back of Arizona for the best record in baseball. The Space Coaster cruises on....

Manny 500 update: Novy needs three dongs from Manny on Sunday night. If that doesn't happen we've got Nick on Monday, truth on Tuesday as the Sox move to Baltimore, and Tim on Wednesday. Then it's an off-day, and then we're back home. Full list of predicted dates here.

And I want to clarify something for people who might be Googling "Papelbon Joba celebration" or whatever. We non-fools know the main difference between Pap's intense celebrations and Joba's intense celebrations is that when you see Pap doing it, it's because he just won the game. When Joba does it, it's in reaction to getting the last out of the eighth inning. So even if you think both reactions are silly or over-the-top or whatever, the mere fact that only Pap has actually won the game makes Joba's crap ten times sillier. (Okay, that's an arbitrary number but you get the picture.) What kills me is when people try to compare the two as if they're in the same situation. Especially when it happens on national TV. Today, the Yanks were on Fox, and Dick Stockton just threw it in as an afterthought. After discussing the Joba situation, he said, "of course, we've seen Jonathan Papelbon with a similar reaction after wins." Had he emphasized "wins" it would have been okay. But he emphasized Pap's name, implying we're comparing Pap winning a game with Joba winning a game. Which is wrong. Joba is *almost* winning a game. But hey, for the Yankees in 2008, *almost* winning a game, especially in the early months of the season, is about the best thing you can do. And I go to bed every night with a big smile on my face because of it.

The next time a Yankee fan tells you to "act like you've been there before," remind them of their favorite player who acts like he's just saved the world when he gets three outs in the eighth inning. In May.


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