Friday, May 02, 2008


September 18th, 1993. I've just turned 18, and I've been at college in Nebraska for less than a month. I'm on the phone with my parents back in Connecticut on a Saturday afternoon. One of my Yankee fan friends is visiting my parents. They're all watching the Red Sox-Yankees game, giving me updates. It's the ninth inning. My mom is announcing what sounds like the final out. The Red Sox have won--or have they? I hear my friend in the background happily yelling. I hear my dad UNhappily yelling. The final out is negated as time had been called when some Yankee fan ran on the field just before the pitch. The ambidextrous Greg Harris then gives up a few hits, and the Yanks win the game in the classy way only they know how to. Story here. (And Allan was at the game!)

In tonight's Red Sox game, Coco Crisp made was appeared to be the last out. The non-Dirty Water music even started to play. But apparently a balk had been called. Coco got a hit, bringing the tying run to the plate, but Jed Lowrie was called out on strikes to end it. I guess we'll have to save our "appear to lose but then win" for some future game. Against the Yanks. Oh, wait, we did it in 2004. Without the aid of a fan. Nice. The Yanks have not won a playoff series since....

Speaking of America's most despised franchise, Johan San--oh, no, that's right, they didn't get that was Phil Hughes, yeah, he's out till, like, July now. Too bad. I liked seeing him in there. I like seeing Ian Kennedy in there, too. He pitched tonight and they lost, 8-4. They're 14-16 now, 5th-worst record in the league.

Have you seen the commercial for "VitaPacks"? Doesn't it look like a fake commercial for some kind of "food of the future"? Like, "mmm, I love my pill meal! All I need is this handy bag o' pills and I'm set for the day." If the people in that ad were wearing silver suits it would be perfect.

I'm adding a clue to the recent kwiz, which no one has taken a shot at yet....

Also, have you noticed there are two different movies out now with a "pee in the sink" scene in the trailer?


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