Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kwiz Butland

Red Sox, White Sox, Tigers, Indians, Cubs.

These teams can say something that no other teams can say. What is it?

Update, 5/2/08, 12:55 AM: Here's a new wording of the question: These franchises can say something no other teams can say.

They're still in their original city
Those franchises have had their current name for more than a century, and have lifetime records over .500?

In other news, Cleveland should change their name back to the "Bronchos." Much more PC.
They are charter members of their respective leagues who:
a) have remained in their original cities
b) have been in each league for every season that league has existed
This comment has been removed by the author.
That deleted comment was me giving AJM all the points, as only his comment came through my email. THen I checked my "Blogger dashboard" to see I had more comments! SO for a second there, AJM had 6. Now, we must re-examine:

AJM did get it exactly right. And his a) answer covered the whole thing, as other teams have been in their league all along, too, but have changed cities. But the teams I mentioned are the only ones who've been in their league the whole time in the same city.

Dan and Mike did say things that were correct, too, though, so they each get 1, and AJM gets 4.

Cleveland Bronchos, I like it. (My nickname on my mom's side of the family, since I was born, is Broncho. Which is officially spelled "Bronko.")

Nice job, everybody.

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