Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"You Gotta Talk To The Pitching Coach"

If you're looking for bullshit stock answers, don't go to the great Manny Ramirez. Click here for his latest awesome post-game interview. (It should be on top, or toward the top, or, if you're reading this two hundred years from now, nowhere near the top.)

The laid back sounds of Snoop and Dre are the perfect soundtrack to this interview, right down to the "just chill til the next episode" line at the 12 second mark. (Listen closely just before that and you can tell it's the censored version.) Manny may as well have just played that line as answer each question. I love it.

In other Manny news, I think I was standing next to one his relatives at Fenway the other night. I was at the back of the grandstand behind home plate in the standing room section, and a guy right next to me had the same face as Manny. And then he started speaking Spanish to his buddy. The players' families section is just a little ways down from there, and it was so cold, lots of people were up in the standing room area. Maybe it was his cousin. Maybe it was some guy who happened to look just like Manny. Either way, it reminded me of a game I went to with my dad in '95. The two guys next to us were related to John Valentin. I mean, they had to be. They both had his face. Ess-actly. And were in box seats by the dugout that my uncle had gotten for us. My dad finally asked them if they were related, and they just kind of shrugged him off. But we were convinced.

Sox wrap up the road Cleveland portion of our schedule. The oddity of playing a fellow AL team just twice in one of the teams' parks was brought up here in a Kwiz back in November.

Some really big pictures of last night's game are over at my place...
Cool. Thanks.
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I almost think Manny doesn't even watch the pitchers...there's just some little monkey in his brain that alerts him to a ball hit his way. If that little monkey stays quiet, Manny's just secretly looking for the cotton candy guy in the stands...

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