Monday, November 26, 2007

Kwiz Oglivie

Take a look at the 2008 Red Sox schedule. (Not the one I drew, the real one.) What is the team scheduled to do for the first time in team history?

Note: In strike-shortened seasons, this has happened, but wasn't scheduled to happen. Also, this has happened a few times against NL teams since interleague play started, but this year will be the first-ever time it happens against another American League team. The next clue will be the other team involved....

(Also, this has nothing to do with the Japan series or the A's.)

How about they'll finish a season series with another team in May? (Tigers)
Not what I was thinking of. You could be right about that, though. It could've happened before, but I doubt we ever finished up with a team in April.
Play only 2 road game against one AL opponent, i.e. the Indians in 2008?
You nailed it!

So, yeah, not only that, but it's the first time we EVER will play (in a non-strike shortened year) another AL team LESS than three times in EITHER their or our park.

I guess we'll have to do the research on whether pweezil's answer was also right. If it was, we'll give him a point, and Matty will get 5. If not, Matty will get 6. Nice job.
Sweet! MattySox is on the board...third place, here I come again!
Okay, so, we've finished with an opponent in May before. (One we played two series with.) So, as I once heard on an old NFL Films show, "six for Pittsburgh!" (Matty lives near Pittsburgh now.)

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