Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sox Playing In Other City By Bay

[Update: We win, 5-0. 3-1 to start the year. Very nice. Next we go to Toronto, Fri-Sat-Sun.]

[Update: Varitek gets the dong that was rightfully his last night. 5-0 us after 8.5.]

[Update: Poor Lenny. Dinardo gives up like a hundred hits in a row, and the Sox now lead 4-0 going to the bottom of the eighth.]

[Update: Seventh inning stretch. In the top of the seventh, Youk doubles, and Papi slams a dong! Of of Captain Cheese. 2-0 Red Sox. Wicked out to start the bottom of the seventh.]

First of all, YouCastr fixed their issues, so last night's broadcast by me is up here. With no game tonight, you can listen to last night's game! It's cool how you can instantly go to any spot in the game with no long loading delay. So, like, if you wanted to hear one key moment, you could go right to it. Although you'd have to some estimating, of course.

So we're halfway through this game. We've had men on in every inning, but have yet to score off Harden. The A's have also yet to score off of Wicked Lester. More updates to folow.

Jere, I loved that B&W pic, and I LOVED Jon Lester's performance yesterday.

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