Friday, April 11, 2008

Front Page "News"

Back in 2005, in this blog entry, I talked about how I wanted to pee in the spot where the pitcher's mound would eventually be at the new Yankee Stadium. (It's funny, to find that post I just searched "pee stadium" on this blog.)

Well, some of the construction people at the new Stadium have beat me to it. Not with pee, but with Red Sox-related artifacts. Reader Cassie sent me this article. And over at Joy of Sox, in his comments he talks about somebody who says they put a lot more than the T-shirt the post is reporting.

(I kind of can't believe this story made the cover of the Post, but they bring up so many Red Sox curses, it's just nice to see them talk about a Yankee curse for a change. Which, as long as you're believing in curses is a little more appropriate considering WE'VE won two World Series since their last one.)

I'll be getting wet in the bleachers tonight, my first of four Fenway Sox-Yanks games this year. It's proverbially on!!!!!

The fact that they put it on the cover mostly speaks to the fact that the Post is basically a fishwrapper.

It really is a very silly story. I really wish the guy hadn't done it; makes Sox fans (or, at least. that one particular Sox fan) look petty and a little obnoxious. I'd really like for people in general to stop talking about 'curses' in baseball.

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