Saturday, April 12, 2008

Complete And Utter Wang

The last two games I've been to, we left the tying run in the on deck circle. Both times it would've been Papi. Crap. We just got Wanged tonight. Buchholz did a fine job, too. But Wang, man--the guy threw like five pitches an inning.

I'll be posting pics from tonight at some point before Saturday's game, I think. I love rainy shots, and I got a lot of those.

Okay, you want a teaser. I'll give you an embarrassing, blurry shot of Jeter. (This was actually his reaction to a guy yelling at him, "I hate you but I respect you.")

Oh, and the first predicted date in the Manny 500 contest has passed. Tex said 4/11. Manny currently has 1 dong, and has 9 to go for 500.


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