Monday, March 24, 2008

"You Knew I Was Waiting For Midnight!"

Game one is only negative 9 hours old, and I already have my first disagreement with Tito. He's batting Ellsbury 7th.

Here's his reasoning:

You put a young player a little bit at risk when you put him right at the top of the lineup early on.

No, you put the team at risk when you don't put the best leadoff guy in the leadoff spot. If this is our biggest problem, though, it's gonna be a fun year.

Okay, game one on our quest to repeat for the first time since 1916, 6 AM tomorrow. Same deal Wednesday, and then it's back to the pre-season. Can't wait to see the game at the LA Coliseum next weekend.

Last time I got up at 6 to watch a game, it was right when I started this blog, four years ago. Yanks-Devil Rays. (That's right, Devil Rays owner, I said Devil Rays. Devil Devil Devil Devil!) I got to tell all the Yankee fans at work (I was in Danbury, CT then) about the games, as they had just gotten up at the normal time, figuring they'd just wait until October to start paying attention.

I'm psyched for the game, but not for the wakey-wakey. Fortunately we have a TV in the bedroom.

Hey, Opening Day, the day the yearly set of "new" people come by. I haven't done an "About This Blog" since last Opening Day, so you'll just have to check that out if you're curious, new people.

The Gr'08 Space Coaster is ready for liftoff!!!!! Get on board!

Nice job on the GD reference, Jere. We just can't seem to get Mel into it.
Thanks. The time "6:00" got me thinking about it. So funny that we get to repeat it tomorrow.

[See the funny comments you could be laughing at, Mel!]

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