Thursday, March 20, 2008

Turn E Thyme

Ah, the first round of the NC-2A's. The only time in gambling when you suddenly find yourself attached to a school you never even knew existed, live and die with each of their shots for a couple of hours, and fall to your knees in sorrow as they lose in the final moments to whatever Goliath they happened to draw, only to mark your sheet "correct," as you picked the winner--You rooted against yourself, knowing you'd gladly sacrifice your five bucks to see East Burgmeier Valley State beat Kansas.

Tonight, Butler almost beat Duke, but it was not to be.

Quick update on the overpriced autographed ball. Somebody bid 10 bucks, but the reserve was not met. That dude, once on cloud nine thinking he had a 5,000 dollar item in a Little League ball signed by five average major leaguers, now has two choices. Keep the ball, and live in that fantasyland where Bobby Ojeda-signed memorabilia is, like, the most sought-after stuff in the world, OR, sell the damn thing for ten bucks. I'd go fantasyland at this point...

Only a few days left to get your date into the Manny 500 contest.

And Kwiz Season is in the home stretch, but it does look, once again, like it will overlap baseball season. Ryan's in the lead, with Pweezil number two, and Kara and Matty close for third. The reigning and back-to-back champ, AJM, is sitting fifth.

I really thought Belmont had Duke beat.

Never heard of Belmont, or EBVS. But it seems appropriate that Tom Burgmeier would have a university and/or valley named after him.
Living where I do, basketball mania is a birthright. Well, that or Nascar, and I'm NOT a Nascar fan.
March comes within the proverbial hair of being as big on my calendar as October is. And this year it's even better as the Heels are in great shape to make a serious run at a title.
To anyone who questions the UNC/Duke rivalry I'll tell you this.
When I entered the bracket contest at a UNC fan site, it was set up through the ESPN national contest. You go to the national site, then search thru a subset of "private" contests for this particular one. You have to have a password to enter that group's contest. Our password was "dookwilllose"
And they almost did!
I know all non-Tarheels will be pulling for Mount St. Mary's tonight and I don't blame them. I hope they're disappointed!
Speaking of them, one of the idiots calling the play-in game between Mount St. Mary's and Coppin St. actually said after the game (are you ready) "Well, try as they might, Coppin St. couldn't quite mount St Mary's tonight"
Unbelievable! I ranted about these guys on JoS yesterday.

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