Thursday, March 13, 2008

They Cawlin'!

Okay, no nominations were accepted and no votes were cast--I've named my call-in show "They Cawlin'."

The first episode will be tonight at 10:12 PM. Click here for my YouCastr page, then click on the episode name to listen. If you can't figure that out, try the direct live link.

If Chan agrees, he'll be my first guest for a few minutes, but after that, go ahead and call in live. Details on how to go about that are here. Remember the theme for tonight: Gimme your favorite baseball player ever and your favorite Seinfeld episode ever.

We did a test the other day, and taking Skype calls works, with only a minimum amount of feedback. So we should be good.

Okay, Kim and I are gonna go watch Clue now. I've never seen it. I remember when it came out, but just had no interest. Never played the game either. Saw it at everybody's house on the shelf, but, again, no interest.

I think I know what we are playing on our next game night! ; )
Ha. Good call. I've seen Clue now. What a weird world it is. And what a weirder world it is that I've now seen the movie but have yet to play the game.
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