Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sox AM Losers

Well, apparently if you wake up right at 6 AM twice in a row, the same result does not occur. We lose, 5-1, in a game in which we struck out 13 times. Wow, the game just ended and now both teams are lined up on the baselines for a "goodbye" to the fans.

Now we fly back to the states for three exhibition games in LA against Joe Torre's Dodgers this weekend, before resuming the regular season in Oakland.

(NESN's graphic says "Red Sox Loose" the game. Ouch.)

This season, NESN will be showing highlights from the past to celebrate 25 years of Red Sox baseball. The clip they showed in this game was a Dewey Evans sliding catch in '84, complete with original cheesy graphics and music. Really cool. I can't wait to see more of these.

Oh, and Aardsma took over Don Aase's spot on the Red Sox' all-time alphabetical roster today. Didn't do too bad, either.

Great footage of Manny shown on NESN talking like Cora is his agent. Manny rules. Nine dongs away....

Maybe NESN was just trying to say that the Sox remained relaxed all game...
I CAN'T believe you haven't thrown a fit over the advertising on the helmets and sleeves...or are you using Ricoh copiers to get your forthcoming book out? I thought you'd be all over the logos, as you have been in the past when (ahem) other teams have played in Japan...
I have.

You even commented!
That's ridiculous...nobody pays attention to you in January...I would never overkill an idea with a long, fictional paragraph trying to parody a minor scene from some 17-year-old juvenile comedy...surely, you must be confusing me with some other MattySox...
I'm not, and don't call me Shirley.

Did you know this about WW? That they injured their necks from filming the headbanging scene, and it made them have stiff necks, and later in the movie you can see Myers and Carvey trying to move their necks as little as possible? It makes sense, since I can picture them walking into that club and Myers kind of has his shoulders up and just kind of raises his chin to look to the sides.

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