Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Unacceptable (Updated)

Terrible job, Red Sox.

That's right, a corporate logo will be splat upon our right shoulders like a big shitty turd for the Japan games. The series is sponsored by Ricoh, but it won't be their logo on our uniforms, as it was with the Yanks and Rays in '04. It will be the EMC company, who also has their name on the former .406 club.

Again, terrible job.

Please consider writing to the team and voicing your displeasure. 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA, Moneyisthemostimportantthingland, Earth, 02215.

If anyone wants to say we're "acting like the Yankees" on this one, be my guest. Spending the money you have to try to win and all that crap is okay, but defacing yourself is inexcusable.

Can "'s Fenway Park presented by ExxonMobil" be far behind?

[Update: From a new press release: "announced that State Street will sponsor baseball's Ricoh Japan Opening Series 2008."

And that Burger King sentence was sponsored by Geico insurance.

We need a new baseball league and quick. Bill Lee, commissioner.]

Matty, I expect a "little, yellow, different" joke from you by morning.
I'm too stunned at the idea that there will never be a sequel to "10 Things I Hate About You" to make a relevant SNL joke right now...
"Welcome to the RemDawg Pregame Show presented by Twins Enterprises here at Giant Glass Field at Citgo Stadium, hard on the corner of Beer Works Drive and Cask 'n Flagon Street in historic Gillette, Massachussetts. My name is Don Orsillo and I'm presented by D'Angelo's- Hope You're Hungry! Alongside me is the aforementioned Jerry Remy; Tina Cervasio will be along shortly with the Lincoln Mercury of Raynam starting lineups from the Billerica Furniture sideline seat. What a game we had here last night as the TD Banknorth Red Sox defeated the Home Depot Yankees on a walkoff homer from Big Papi, presented by Babys 'r Us, a mammoth shot that went towering over the Dunkie's Pole down the right field line..."

(I've had some coffee by now...)
Oh Matty, if you aren't fresh

you aren't legal.

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