Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Manny-500 Contest Is Underway

There are 39 contestants in the Manny's 500th Dong contest. Click here or the link on the right for the list of dates people chose.

The earliest guess is April 11th (It's also the only Yankee game guess.). That's gonna be tough, but if Tex gets this right, she should be highly praised. I think we all hope she's right. The next earliest guess is Leggett's April 20th, though, so Tex wins if it happens any time up to the 15th.

On the other end, Rob has the latest date, the "one dollar!" bid, if you will. The next latest is June 17th--cousin Kara--so Rob's got late June through the end of time covered, while Kara gets a nice chunk of mid-late June.

24 of the 29 game dates in May are taken, as that's the most popular month to choose. If Manny misses some time for any reason, Rob probably walks away with this thing.

The date I've had stuck in my head is May 4th. That day, I have a single ticket. However, it turns out something else came up and I can't go. So I'm hoping he doesn't hit it that day. If he's got 499 going into that day, I may just have to change plans if you know what I'm sayin'...

Good luck, everybody. One game down, zero Manny homers. Anybody wanna guess the date of Brandon Moss' 500th?


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