Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Actual Game (And Youk And Lowell Speak) (Updated)

Youk hit a three-run dong, and now he's talking to the press: Apologizes to the fans, but says they feel strongly about the issue....just says the whole thing was due to bad communication and bad language...Coaches need to be compensated...the agreement gives a certain amount to all the not experienced with "conference calls": "you don't know who's talkin'."... advises players in future to get stuff in writing...the reason there was a problem is because the coaches aren't backed by the Players' Union in cases like this....this should've been resolved a long time ago...a lot of guys torn because they really want to go to Japan, but team was united in stance to boycott...huge reason why we won WS: unity...i knew yesterday we'd have to come in today and do this...when I got up and addressed the team, they said "this is not gonna happen to our [coaches]"... (3-0 us going to the bottom of the 5th, by the way) ... Sox ownership does so much for this team, they care a lot and they get things done for us...i'm dizzy... (Aardsma, Corey, Lopez, no runs given up today, 3-0 through 5) ...we thought it was a pool going to everybody, turns out it was just for the players, that was the confusion...we have something in place where they're getting much more than they were going to get.... (Timlin in for the sixth)...Youk done.

Now in the 8th, still 3-0. Lowell being in-dugout interviewed by ESPN: Hershiser says he's proud of the guys. Lowell just restates everything. Says, "being on ESPN didn't hurt our leverage." ... says he's "hungrier" after WS title. Woooo!... Thurston makes diving catch during interview... says Papi and Manny are huge ahead of him because not one pitcher in baseball would rather face them than him. ... Lowell has 3 ipods loaded up for plane trip, plus some Tecmo Bowl and RBI baseball--and Ms. Pac-Man!! Talking about Don Flamenco! Holy shit, best interview ever!

3-1 now in the 8th as Oki gives up a run.

Wow--Reid Engel loses a ball in the sun in center field on a 3-2 pitch with 2 outs and 3 on. All 3 score to make it 4-3 Toronto in the eighth. The next guy hits one ito center, and Engel comes up with it and throws the guy who hit the first ball out at home. We go bottom 8. And now Papelbon comes in for top 9, down 4-3.

Pap hits Sal Fasano, leading off the ninth. On the 13th pitch to the next hitter, Sal steals second. Easily. Then, after finally striking out that hitter, he gets the next one, and they pick Sal off second on the play to end the inning. Ha!

And we lose 4-3... next stop, the LOTRS.

Wow, a little good old fashioned unity. I like it!
BTW - Farewell to Sir Arthur, my favorite author.
I wonder if he will dream

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