Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"We" Redux

Nearly three years ago, I brought up the Patriots' song from '85, "New England, the Patriots, and We."

Just now on the news, Bob Lobell broke out a few seconds from the video. Fortunately, I didn't get too far into my thought process of waiting for the news to repeat, taping it, and putting it online before I realized, Hey asshole, check YouTube. Well, this asshole just checked YouTube, and here's the full video. Count the number of choruses if you can (...finish the song without shooting yourself.)

Terribly, while they were showing it in the news, their caption was "New England, the Patriots, and Me." Seeing some of the game highlights--I remember those playoffs like it was yesterday. The Jets losing the wild card game, with my favorite player, Johnny Hector, fumbling a key kickoff return. I still don't know why he was back there. I don't remember him being a kick returner, but for some reason he was there, and he lost the ball. And we all watched as the Pats played what we thought were better teams, yet they somehow beat the Raiders and Dolphins both, I think. But I knew the Bears, with their superior music video, were not losing.

Great "rapping" by Craig James, eh? And there's one clever line in the whole tune: the one about the Bruins being the only bear for me or whatever.


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