Monday, May 16, 2005

The Punky QB Known As McMahon

Does anybody but me remember "Red Sox Rock," a takeoff on "Jailhouse Rock," made in 1986? There was a video for it on MTV ,back when every team and their left grandma was making a music video. It didn't feature players, if I recall correctly. I just remember fans in a bar grabbing a yankee hat off of some guy and stomping on it or something. And one of the lines in the song was "...send the California Angels down to hell, let's rock...everybody Red Sox." Something like that. Or maybe it was "sent" them to hell. As in, it was probably made right before the World Series. Anybody?

Also, I remember the Pats had two different songs in response to the Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" (the absolute creme de la creme of sports team music videos), one being "New England, the Patriots and We," and the other "Leader of the Pats." I was never a Pats fan, but I figure this is the right place to ask if anyone remembers any of these ridiculous songs.

And about the Riviera: Can someone set me straight on just what happened to the fired bartender? Like, tell me the whole story, maybe? I looked for news of this on the boards but couldn't find it. Is this why the upstairs TVs don't have the games anymore? Is the person who fired the bartender NOT a Sox fan? The bartender on Sunday had a well-worn Sox hat, and there were so many Sox fans there. Somebody please tell me the deal. Thanks.

In Life Aquatic news, why isn't the Sigur Ros song on the soundtrack? And, why did they record the commentary for the DVD at such a level that makes it nearly impossible to hear Wes Anderson?

Arroyo tonight. This usually leads to good things. So does playing Oakland.

Wow, what a good memory you have. I honestly don't recall the parody you speak of and I think I'm a few years your senior. But, I must tell you that your recollection of it caused my side to split. That's some pretty funny stuff (and I don't mean that in an Eddie Hascal sort of way). All I remember about the Pats and the '86 super bowl was the whole "squish the fish" deal before the Dolphins game in the playoffs and then a lot of refrigerator jokes. No songs. I remember "The Curley Shuffle" from around that time. Does that count? I was a big Doctor Demento fan in those days.
Not sure about the Sigur Ros song, but I heard they did the commentary at the restaurant where Bamubach and Anderson wrote/ conceived the screenplay. FWIW. I haven't heard it yet, but it struck me as a really terrible idea. You really can't hear him, huh?
a) I definitely remember "Red Sox Rock" and knowing it sucked, even at 11 years old, but more importantly...
b) "New England, The Patriots and We" is a CLASSIC. Reeeeally cheesy song, sung by a chorus of men and women in lame 80s fashion. They actually played this song on the Jody & Sid show on WFAN the week before the Super Bowl this year. I had pretty much forgotten about it, but it is hilarious.

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