Saturday, December 15, 2007

Floridafornia Dreamin'

Hank Steinbrenner, aka Michael Whore-leone, says this:

"For the near future, we're in a no-lose situation, to tell you the truth."

There's that Yankee arrogance for you. Or are they just delusional? It's kind of like how Yankee fans can look at a report which concludes all these Yankee players did steroids, but they somehow read it as "David Ortiz and the rest of the Red Sox are all totally on steroids." They've really lost their minds, and it's all because of the World Champion Boston Red Sox, I think.

Hope you [Floridians/people who go to Florida] had good luck this morning with the Spring Training tix. I got some for my cousin Amy--but the weird thing was, I was gonna be in the virtual waiting room anyway. You know, just to stay sharp for when they put the bulk of regular season games on sale. Am I sick? Anyway, I got my practice (that whole tabbed browsing thing is the way to go, I should've done it for the Sox Pax...), and she got her tix, so it was a successful trip to the VWR. I'm not planning a Florida trip this year. I have a few times in the past, but never followed through on actually going. I'm more of a regular season traveler. May go to Cincy in June, we'll see.

We've got a kwiz that's still unanswered. I'll give a clue here. Some of the letters in the name of Kara's first guess can be moved around to spell the name. Depending on how you spell it. And I don't know how the guy spelled it.

Thanks Jere! This will be a first for me-can't wait!
My pleasure. If you take pics, feel free to send 'em in!
I call him "Hankie," just like his Dad, "Georgie." No disrespect intended, of course!
I like that you went into the VWR just to stay in practice. That's commitment.

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